Research directions

In the group of priority directions of the research work carried out by the Money Institute, there are the following topical topics:

Money and definition, linguistic semantics, linguistic piercing

The semiotic study of the essence of money, defining and analysing it linguistically in order to create a system of linguistic techniques for solving practical business, financial business problems, is a fundamental task in the scientific work of the Money Research Institute. >>>

Money and function

As part of the development of a new type of currency that will allow direct settlement between people, introducing the principles of a social index into circulation, the study of the social and cultural functions of money occupies a special place in the research work of the Money Research Institute. >>>

Money and the cultural code, the societal introject

As part of the study of "Money and the cultural code, societal introject" NII Money sets the following tasks: to reveal the ontological essence of the cultural code of money, to discover the pragmatic potential of the sign elements of the money code in linguoculture, relying on methods of psychoanalytic anthropology and cognitive analysis of meaning-forming language units. Identification of introjects formed in society, family and collective in relation to money. Formation of principles of social behaviour allowing to achieve psycho-emotional balance and financial well-being. >>>

Money and religion, church, faith

Identifying the historical relationship between the religious community and the level of development of the money system, the relationship of the institution of money with the religious social institution. Establishing the basic and universal patterns of operation of the Money field, defining karmic and other cause-and-effect relationships, creating the philosophical stone of the 21st century - the scientific formula for Money. >>>

Money and ethnicity, nationality

Examination of the development of the monetary system and attitudes to money as a socio-economic phenomenon, through the prism of ethnic and national traditions. Analysis of national banking systems. >>>

Money and family, ancestral traditions, transgenerational trauma

Study of attitudes to money as a socio-economic phenomenon through the prism of formed family and clan traditions. To collect diagnostic data on transgenerational traumas associated with money and to determine its role in a person's life. >>>

Money and sex, gender, couples relationships

The research community of the Money Research Institute explores contemporary issues of cultural values under the theme of money and sex, gender and couple relations. The question of the loss of spiritual reference points in society and the individual is raised. The fundamental task in this direction of research is to define the role of emotional and sensual perception of money through the prism of gender relations between people. Research in this area involves studying the sociology of emotions, analysing the normative aspect of emotions and changes in the cognitive, emotional and behavioural components of personal development in order to develop a theory of social exchange. >>>

Money and personality structure

The research work of the Money Research Institute is aimed at studying the structure of the psychological, sociological personality, defining the boundaries of the motivational and demand sphere and highlighting the socio-psychological attitudes and the degree of their expression in the dynamics of a person's relationship with money in order to form a universal money formula, a catechism, a set of golden rules and cause-effect relationships. >>>

Money and psychosomatics

The work of the Money Research Institute is aimed at studying the biopsychosocial nature of man, identifying the psychological factors in the emergence and course of disease. The definition of the psychosomatic problem as a fundamental problem of the science of the relationship between psyche and body, revealing the relationship "psyche-money", "body-money", "psyche-body-money", in order to derive the principles of psychosomatic unity and create a universal programme for the prevention and therapy of psychosomatic diseases and personality disorders. >>>

Money and life mission, determinism and resource limits of incarnation

A comprehensive study of the nature of money is based on the principle of determinism as an essential part of scientific methodology, aiming researchers to identify causality and patterns in nature, society and thinking about the phenomenon of money. Relying on theological, cosmological, anthropological-ethical, social determinism, define the essence of the vital mission of money. To investigate the processes of circulation of intellectual, spiritual values material shell. >>>

Money and technological evolution. Transformation of functions and forms

The research paper aims to study the technological evolution of humanity and analyse its impact on the transformation of the functions and forms of money. Predicting socio-economic changes, the development of money, the development of a new type of currency and a universal settlement system. >>>

Money and the Shadow. Going beyond the law and the boundaries of ethics. Crime

The Money Research Institute analyses the main problems of confrontation between culture and anti-culture, defining the role of the phenomenon of money in this process, and studying the principles of sociodynamics. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of the incentive power of money to commit unlawful acts, examining the socio-economic, cultural and conflictological consequences of criminal activity. >>>

Money and the state. Emission, regulatory, fiscal and repressive apparatuses

The research paper aims to investigate the problems of state intervention in the monetary system and to analyse the influence of the state machine on the transformation of the functions and forms of money. Predicting socio-economic changes, the development of money, the development of a new type of currency and a universal settlement system, and the design of a money system in a free society. >>>

Money and power, social hierarchy

The fundamental task of the Money Research Institute is to analyse the economic mechanisms of money development and transformation in the field of psi-culture in the context of the work of mechanisms for the redistribution of wealth and power. The work aims to explore alternative ways of developing the monetary sphere and social relations, which are key factors in social hierarchy. The search for solutions of political-social, economic issues of interaction of power, society and monetary system in all its diversity. >>>

Money and debt, addiction, parasitism

The research community of the Money Research Institute raises questions about the synergy between money and debt, the power of trust and its material expression. As part of the solution to this problem, on the basis of personal experience and empirical contact with tens of thousands of people from various social groups with money, rational behavioural models are projected which are designed to prevent the subjects of commodity-money relations from falling into dependence or a debt-ridden, parasitic network. >>>

Money and physics. Corpuscular-wave dualism. Quantum theory

The work of the Money Research Institute envisages the study of Money as energy, flux and field, possessing a standard quantum corpuscular-wave duality (cash-cash-electronic-crypto-currencies) and corresponding to the standard quantum model. To reveal comprehensively the nature of Money, the system and laws of its movement in order to put forward a comprehensive universal monetary formula. >>>

Money and settlement alternatives. A world without money

The research work of the Money Research Institute is aimed at optimising, creating and disseminating computational network architectures of settlement mechanisms based on the immutable principles of equality of participants. Forecasting the development of money and financial institutions, developing a new type of currency, designing ideal money or its substitute in a free society. >>>


Experimental and empirical confirmation of causal relationships revealed during scientific and analytical research is carried out by groups of researchers in the laboratories of the Money Institute in the following areas:

Awareness and life mission laboratory

One of the main goals is to derive a universal formula, a catechism, a set of golden rules and cause-and-effect relationships governing energy and field. The Money Research Institute is the first research institute studying the nature of Money.  >>>

Role Transformation Lab

Study of social, cultural and historically conditioned factors contributing to the process of socio-cultural transformation of status-role positions. To conduct sociological research in the area of the problem under study and a sociological comparative analysis of the status-role positions of individuals and individual groups in different countries of the world. Designing and implementing developmental practices based on experiments with one's own identity and aimed at securing material wealth, power, independence or freedom. >>>

Rationale, mathematical models and forecasting laboratory. I calculate cash flow

A study of a key financial performance indicator - cash flow. Developing new cash flow calculation algorithms, economic sense and problem analysis. Conducting scientific experiments and developing behavioural techniques to generate regular positive cash flow. >>>

Psycho, emotional and intuitive laboratory. I can feel the money flow

Working out the laws of attraction of money, defining the role in this process of psycho-emotional attitudes and intuition of the individual. Development of methods aimed at the development of emotional intelligence and financial-emotional literacy. >>>

Magnet and funnel laboratory. The field of money. Coherence. Resonance

The study of Money as energy, flux and field, possessing a standard quantum corpuscular-wave duality (cash-cash-electronic-crypto-currencies) and corresponding to the standard quantum model, in order to determine the universal formula and causal relationships governing these energy, flux and field. >>>

Tdaka function laboratory

Development of projects that contribute to the development of the institution of philanthropic activities. Theoretical and methodological substantiation of the energy link between charitable activities and cash flow. >>>

Border and shadow operations laboratory

Determining the influence of money as an inciting force and energy pushing a person to unlawful actions. Developing anti-criminal techniques aimed at correcting the psycho-emotional attitudes of the individual in order to remove them from borderline and shadow situations. >>>

A laboratory for changing revenue patterns. Norma. All the money in the world

Developing changing revenue patterns, defining monetary norms aimed at generating positive cash flow. >>>

A laboratory for changing consumable patterns. Wastefulness. Wastefulness

Developing best practices for changing spending patterns. Definition of wasteful personal behaviour, types of wasteful behaviour. >>>

Debt Lab. Live in debt

A study of debt relations and the synergy and reciprocity of money and debt. A study based on personal experience and empirical contact with tens of thousands of people from different social groups with money projects rational behavioural models which are designed to keep the subjects of commodity-money relations from falling into credit dependency. >>>

Laboratory for alternative forms of mutual settlement. Barter. Donation. The boomerang principle

The study of money and its substitutes, alternative forms of mutual settlement through the analysis of economic exchange relations. A study of the boomerang principle and exchange interactions explored by the social and natural sciences. Development of commercial instruments of alternative forms of mutual settlement and barter. >>>

The cancellation lab. Life without money

The study of the philosophical and economic justifications for the process of abolition (abolition) or revolutionary transformation of money, the strategic prediction of the advent of a world without money. The formation of practical models of future money. >>>


Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Money Institute Nature of Money Study Research Institute holds the first practical conference:

The Dark side of the Moon.

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International activities

On July 01, 2022, the first foreign branch of the Money Research Institute opens in the city of Zug (Switzerland) in an English-language format and under the brand: Money Institute.
The functions of the branch will include the development and expansion of the scientific, research and teaching mission of the Money Institute in Europe, the continuation of the collection and analysis of statistical data in various cultural, ethnic and religious social groups, recruiting researchers and researchers from various social strata.

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