Money Institute, who are we?

Money Institute Nature of Money Study Research Institute (Money Institute) is the first research institute studying the global Nature of Money. Based on personal experience and empirical contact of tens of thousands of people from different social groups with Money, we statistically, analytically and experimentally deduce the basic and universal laws of the field of money, determine karmic and other cause-and-effect relationships, creating the philosopher's stone of the 21st century, the scientific formula of Money. In order to pass it on to all of you later.

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Money Institute, mission and goals

Having undergone its evolutionary path from the simplest forms of equivalent in the evolution of natural commodity exchange, becoming more and more valuable over time (up to providing issues with real gold reserves) today, money has turned, at most, into paper and more and more, into the diamond smoke of bank transactions, credit card swipes, the binary code of the growing cryptocurrency market. Money has gone from the physical plane, but its influence and penetration into all spheres of our life is only growing. What are they?

So far, not a single attempt has been made to scientifically, on a large scale, fully, study and describe the laws of the work of Energy and the Field of Money. To derive a universal formula, a catechism, a set of golden rules governing these energies and fields:

Our mission, by conducting a comprehensive polymodal study, to identify cause-and-effect relationships, patterns and rules governing the flow of Money in the individual, social and planetary orders. Experimentally verify the identified rules, confirm their relevance, transfer them to the service of man and society.

Our goal, on the basis of systematic and scientific knowledge about the nature of Money, is to develop and create a fundamentally new currency and form of settlements that adequately reward a person for his real contribution to society, evolution and the future of our civilization.


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The 1st conference was held!

Dear friends! We had our first conference! Hurrah! We accept your congratulations!... >>>


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Money Institute, cooperation

At the moment, the Research Institute of Money is implementing a targeted crowdsourcing research project, with the aim of accumulating large-scale statistics on the peculiarities of individual and group relations with the field of Money. Our main task is to collect the experience of contact with money in different social, cultural, ethnic, religious, professional communities, to summarize the stories of success and failure, to identify cause-and-effect relationships, rules and patterns.
And subsequently confirm the revealed patterns by practice on the example of research groups.

Research Institute of Money invites and waits for: respondents, researchers, researchers and heads of research areas (with academic experience), administrative staff, analysts, sociologists and specialists in the field of crowdsourcing projects, entrepreneurs-mentors, developers of author’s methods of teaching relationships with money, any other practitioners ready to take part in the creation of a new scientific discipline of a conscious, scientifically grounded relationship with the world of Money.

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