Magnet and funnel laboratory. The field of money. Coherence. Resonance

The study of Money as energy, flux and field, possessing a standard quantum corpuscular-wave duality (cash-cash-electronic-crypto-currencies) and corresponding to the standard quantum model, in order to determine the universal formula and causal relationships governing these energy, flux and field.

Money as energy, flow, field and quantum object

Money as energy

Money can be transformed into different forms and used to do work. For example, it can be spent to buy goods and services, invested in assets or projects, saved or given as a gift. In each case, money changes form and function but retains its value.

Money as a flow

Money is constantly moving from one entity to another as a result of transactions. They must circulate to enable economic activity and welfare. Money, like flow, has different speeds and directions.

Money as a field

Money creates a certain impact on the environment and people. They not only reflect reality but also shape it. Money determines prices, stimulates or inhibits production, influences the distribution of resources and goods. Money, like the field, has different power and character (depending on how it is measured and regulated).

Money as a quantum object

Money possesses the standard quantum corpuscular-wave dualism. This means that they can exhibit the properties of either a particle or a wave (depending on how they are observed and measured). For example, money can be concrete and discrete units (particles) when it is represented as cash or digital media. Money can be abstract and continuous quantities (waves) when it is represented as credit, debt, or value.
Money is subject to uncertainty and probability, and its state depends on the observer and context.

Coherence of money

Coherence of money (CM) is a property of the monetary system in which money does not lose value and is able to fulfil its functions in society.

Coherence of money depends on price stability, stability of the banking system, confidence in the national currency and the effectiveness of monetary policy.

Why is the coherence of money important?

Money is not just pieces of paper or metal, but a universal equivalent that allows the exchange of goods and services, saving income and investing in the future. Money is also a unit of value and a means of calculation. In order for money to fulfil these functions, it must be coherent, that is, it must retain its purchasing power and not be subject to strong fluctuations.

Coherent money promotes economic growth and welfare.

– QD ensures low and predictable inflation, which does not erode people’s income and savings and does not create distortions in the economy.

– The CD maintains the stability of the banking system, which ensures effective financing of the real sector of the economy and protection of citizens’ deposits.

– The CD increases confidence in the national currency. It becomes attractive for storage and use both within the country and abroad.

– The CD enhances the effectiveness of monetary policy. It is able to respond to economic shocks and maintain an optimal level of production and employment.

Money resonance

Money resonance is a concept that means your attitude towards money determines how much of it you have. If you feel gratitude, joy, you attract more money into your life. If you feel fear, greed, you push money away from you.

How can you tune in to the resonance of money and increase your income?

Tip #1: Define your financial goals and motivation.

You need to clearly know why you need money, what amount you need to earn. This will help focus your desires and actions. It is important to have a strong motivation that will support in difficult situations.

Tip #2. Change your beliefs about money.

Revise your beliefs about money and replace them with more positive and constructive ones. If you think that money comes to you easily, that you are worthy of it, then you are opening up opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Tip #3. Practice gratitude and generosity.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what you have. When you give thanks for the money you receive, you attract abundance. Generosity is the ability to share your abundance with others.

Tip #4. Invest in yourself and your education.

By investing in yourself, in your education, you increase your value and your income.

Tip #5. Act on your goals and plans.

Action is what turns your dreams into reality. Action is what proves you are serious and committed.